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Thoughts - One More Spanking Please

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January 4th, 2005

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12:51 am - Thoughts
ok well...i will start things out *smiles*

i very much enjoy getting spanked. i didnt at first though, the first time Daddy/Master spanked me, i could only take 4 swats with His hand on my bare bottom and that was just this last May(2004) but as days went, and i got more comfortable and relaxed into what He was doing it went better. i prefer still to get a full back flogging(back, bottom and legs) but i do like a good hand spanking to now. i dont care for a cane, paddle, strap or even hair brush but will take it if thats what Daddy wants. For a flogging like i mentioned, the longest i have gone was about an hour at almost Daddys full strength!! *proud grin*

i Don't like having a punishment spanking though!!! For many reasons. Mostly cause it hurts!! It hurts on the outside, yes....but it hurts much much more on the inside!!!!! im getting one tomorrow sometime. Daddy was supposed to do it the other day but had to be put off. i usually get a hard punishment one maybe once or twice a month cause it errases very thing that i have done wrong...or....thought i did wrong and we start over fresh. i dont like it....i cry.....it hurts inside and out....i even dread it sometimes.......but........ silly as it may sound i do feel better when it is all over with. i lay on the bed crying and shaking and Daddy holds me tight and lets me cry good and hard and talks to me and says its alright now and its over. During these types of spankings.....Daddy uses whatever His wishes to spank me with, could be one thing, could be many. And it goes on till He is ready to stop(which is when He knows i have had enough)

This all brings a question........which do you prefer when you get spanked....or...when your are the spanker.....which do you prefer........the hand or an instrument??

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Date:February 27th, 2005 04:35 am (UTC)
Daddys hand HURTS A LOT! so i prefer myself the flogger/instrument..i dont like straps though or canes either..NOPE NOPE!!:-p

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