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Mistress using me - One More Spanking Please

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January 26th, 2005

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06:23 pm - Mistress using me
the other night, after returning home from an adult costume party with my Mistresses boyfriend, with me dressed as a schoolgirl, and him dressed as a biker, i entered the house, and was a little pleased to see my Mistress sitting in the lounge with a group of her Dom/me friends, talking dirty talk with them.

my Mistresses friend Jessica, who is much like a second Mistress to me, saw me in my little outfit, and called me in to join them.
She was admiring my outfit, and making me courtsey, and flip my skirt up a little to show her, and then, without warning, she knocked me back, with me landing on the floor, and her on top of me. She told me not to move, and turned around so her ass was in my face.

Apart from the obvious reason of turning me on, the audience was now laughing at me and calling me names. this got me so hard, i thought i would bust my little panties.

then to my horror, she raised the hem of my skirt, to reveal a wet patch on my panties, and a solid hardon. Mistress was laughing, as was her boyfriend and the others. i was humiliated, but still turned on.

Jessica removed my panties, and stuck them in my mouth, then removed her own, and used them as a hood/mask on me, with the crotch in front of my nose. she ordered me to sniff and taste.

she spanked my tiny dickette so hard i almost cried, then flipped me to my tummy. She found my buttplug that i must wear when not playing with a mans cock, and twisted it.

Jessica, if you couldnt already guess is a pain/torture Domme.

she ripped it out in one move, and removed my panties from my mouth, before replacing then with my plug to clean.

Jessica and Lana's b/f lifted me up, and draped me over the end of the couch, where i was told to stay.

Jessica went and got her strapon, which she strapped on in front of me, staring at me, trying to break me. I couldnt wait.

She sat on the couch, and said to suck me as i had sucked Nathan (Lana's b/f) earlier. No problems, i could manage that! but as i was doing that, Nathan wanted to fuck my ass. he spat on my hole, and rammed it into me in one move. i screamed, and was slapped.

they had me going back and forth for a while, sawwing my ass in half, and then Jessica yelled "swap!" and they both pulled out, leaving me feeling empty, but glad.

i sucked on my 4th real cock that day, my seventh blowjob since breakfast, glad to be making a man feel sexy. Jessica rammed my ass hard, with her 11" of jelly goodness. Lana just laughed and took more blackmail photos.

just as i was starting to enjoy it, Nathan pulled out, and shot a huge load all over my face, my hair, and my boobs. nathan stuck it back in my mouth and ordered me to clean him off.
after i was allowed to scoop up all of the cum from me, and swallow it down like a good little whore, i was made to dress as a maid, with no panties on this time, but Jessica strapped her dildo into me, so i felt full and sexy all night, and stayed hard for my torment.

Jessica and Lana continued with their Dom/me party, with me being the help, serving drinks, nibbles, and when required, being a table for a Dominant to rest His Her plate/feet/ass on, with others laughing at me.

Comment if Y/you want to know more... thankyou

I love my Mistresses!

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